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  • Huntington Primary School Consultation

    05 March 2015Cheshire County Council;MOORE, Greg

    Huntington Community Primary School is a community primary school serving a suburban area out on 7 November 2012, and found Huntington Community Primary school to be a ‘Good

  • Assets of community value nomination form

    11 March 2014Lyn Brown;DUTTON, Richard

    Assets of Community Value – The Community Right to Bid *full name as written in your recreational or sporting interests of the local community, did it do so at some stage in

  • Community Assets Framework feedback form

    04 December 2017GREGORY, Laura

    If you are under 16 you the framework) Principle 1: Supporting Communities: Ensuring our community assets are well managed and support the needs of our communities (pages 10-11) 1a

  • £500 Spend Quarter 1 to Quarter 4 - 2014/2015

    14 May 2018ORCHARD, Phil

    ,CB,Repairs + Mtce of Bldgs,3003100,Road 3 Depot,01-Feb-2015,27-Feb-2015,8898776,900.00,MONO ALARM INSTALLATIONS LTD,21077 Places - Localism,CA,Repairs + Mtce of Bldgs,3050047

  • Little Stanney timetable

    05 January 2018THWAITE, Andrea;GREGORY, Laura

    Stage Action Dates Stage 1 Community Governance Review Committee meets to agree Terms of Reference Community Governance Review Committee – 14 February 2018 CWAC

  • Neston Neighbourhood Plan

    20 October 2016MOSS, Emma

    28 Policies5 Acronyms CIC Community Interest Company CIL Community Infrastructure Levy CSG Community Steering Group CWaC Cheshire West It is part of the Government’s new

  • Senior Manager Salaries and Responsibilities 2012 - 2013

    07 August 2013AL124M;rgjones;AU061P;cictadmin;aq343a;at346j;MOORE, Greg

    Prevention and Wellbeing Director of Community & Environment Bakewell Senior Manager Waste JD TBA Head of Service Rural Communities Locality & Customer Service Head of Service